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Constructor for children, MyWorld
Constructor for children, MyWorld

Video: Constructor for children, MyWorld

Video: Constructor for children, MyWorld
Video: Презентация компании MyWorld 2023, June


Connoisseurs of the game world of Minecraft will appreciate the Battle for Red Dust game set. Fight huge red monsters and golems who are eager to destroy your world and kill the main character. The legendary Hex, Hedwig, Hal and Valori will become your assistants in the battle. Together with them, a piggy bank with a chest on its back hurries to battle, from which it shoots treasures. A large selection of weapons will provide an epic battle on the created location. The construction set is intended for children from 8 years old. Play on your own or with friends, create your own worlds and make your wildest fantasies come true with Lari Minecraft sets. Large selection of weapons for battles. Various game scenarios. Development of fine motor skills and imagination. Possibility of combining several sets from a series into one. The similarity of the characters with the prototype from the game.

Constructor for children MyWorld. View 1
Constructor for children MyWorld. View 1

Technical features

Product material PLASTIC

Additional Information

Age category 6 years +
Gift purpose a gift for children
Occasion for a boy's birthday; New Year's gift; New Year Gift: Christmas
Age group children
Package cardboard box
Packing height 31 cm
Packing depth 7 cm
Number of figures 7 pcs.
Amount of elements 528
Country of Origin China
Equipment Lari My World 11514 Constructor Battle for Red Dust (Analog to LEGO 21163)

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