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Spinner luminous weizhikang, weizhikang
Spinner luminous weizhikang, weizhikang


Spinner-antistress. Good quality material and comfortable design allows you to hold the antistress with two fingers without any problems. Due to its small size, the spinner easily passes between the fingers without catching the palm. On average, the spinner can rotate for about 2 minutes without additional spin. And if you are interested, then in just a few days it is quite possible to learn a couple of interesting tricks. Hand Spinner is a great anti-stress toy that will entice anyone. You can take it with you, the spinner will fit in a bag of any size, and its light weight will not disturb you in any way. A great inexpensive stress reliever.

Spinner luminous weizhikang weizhikang. Green color. View 1
Spinner luminous weizhikang weizhikang. Green color. View 1

Technical features

Product material abs plastic

Additional Information

Age restrictions 3+
Item Width 8 cm
Item Thickness 1.5 cm
Packing width 9 cm
Equipment spinners

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